Next-Generation Quantum Materials for Coherent Transport and Emission Phenomena

Organizers: Alexander Weber-Bargioni*, Bruno Schuler

How can nanoscience expertise advance materials development for quantum information science (QIS)? In this symposium we’ll bring together the nanoscience and quantum materials communities to explore this question.

Fundamental materials challenges limit the performance of systems for quantum communication, sensing, and computation. Material defects at metal, semiconductor and dielectric interfaces lead to dissipation and reduced coherence for a wide range of quantum devices, including superconducting Josephson-junction qubit circuits, devices based on optical color centers, and control electrodes for cold atom/ion traps. Improved quantum device performance requires understanding and control of material fabrication and interface chemistry with molecular precision—expertise that is central to nanoscale science.

Speakers in this symposium will provide an overview of current and next-generation QIS-relevant materials and the characterization, simulation, and synthesis capabilities at the Molecular Foundry. We will discuss how current capabilities and strategic investments at the Molecular Foundry can provide key advances to the field of quantum materials phenomena.

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