Poster Session

The poster session will be held on Wednesday, August 21, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Submit a poster abstract. The poster abstract submission deadline is July 31.

Poster Session Logistics

If you are presenting a poster you may drop it off on the morning of August 21, before the plenary session starts, at the poster station in the refreshment area (tent outside Building 50). Posters dropped off in the morning will be transported to the poster session and placed next to the appropriate poster board. You will then need to hang up your poster yourself at the beginning of the poster session. The maximum poster size allowed is 4 ft x 4 ft. Pushpins will be provided. When you submit your abstract you will be asked to identify the Molecular Foundry facility most relevant to your topic. Posters will be grouped by subject area to facilitate viewing and judging.

Poster Competition

The poster competition is organized and judged by the User Executive Committee.

Eligibility: Students and postdocs are eligible to participate in the poster competition, as well as industry researchers who hold equivalent, non-PI positions. To be included in the competition, participants must opt in when they submit their poster abstract.

Poster slam: All students participating in the poster competition are also required to present their work at the poster slam during the plenary session. See the event agenda for the scheduled time. Each slam participant will present a preview of their poster in 60 seconds and using only one slide. The presentation given during the slam will be factored into judging of each participant’s poster. Slam participants will receive an email with more information about the slam and will be asked to provide their slide one week prior to the event.

Judging: The User Executive Committee will judge the poster competition during the poster session. Participants should prepare a one-minute overview of their poster to deliver to the judges, similar to the slam presentations.

Awards: Two winners will be selected, one student and one postdoc (or equivalent). Winners will be announced and prizes awarded during lunch on the second day of the meeting, August 22. Winners will receive a certificate and prize.